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As I’m expanding my brand as a blogger, event coordinator and wardrobe stylist I’m constantly educating myself through training and practical application of my skillset through hands on experience. A week ago, I had the opportunity to style a client who is petite. I’ve styled customers within a variation of shapes and sizes but there are those moments when you come across individuals whose wardrobe options fall in the category of limited. This is an issue I encountered while shopping with/for my latest client.


As a plus size women I most certainly can empathize with the challenges of every person who is struggling to find fits that suit the soul to perfection; however, I do believe all of the positive media attention that body activists like Ashley Graham or Tess Holiday has brought to the table, it has made the fashion industry more conscious of the plight of the plus size girl when it comes to finding stylish clothes that fit; and in turn we are seeing more acceptable clothing options, still in my opinion  not enough, for curvier figures placed on retail shelves nationwide.


At any rate, the disparity between plus size clothing options and clothes made for women who are not plus size is wide. But, plus size girls aren’t the only ones whose clothing options are limited. The struggle is real for petite sized women too. As I shopped with my latest client this became very apparent. There were not many cute options available for her petite frame and as I shuffled through a sea of garments of which practically next to nothing fit, I realized that she too shares the same exact struggles as I do when it comes to finding clothes that are stylish and fitting. This was enlightening and humbling and it made me consider that tchallenge is real for every woman who is shopping for clothes not just plus size, petite or average framed girls alone.


My revelation/conclusion: One size most definitely does not fit all, tailoring clothes to fit your body is always the best way to go to ensure that your clothes will fit perfectly and hiring a wardrobe stylist who understands the emotional connection behind shopping for clothing is pivotal. A good stylist will impact his or her clients shopping experience by helping them to identify why shopping for clothes is not enjoyable and a great wardrobe stylist will establish a plan of action that gives his or her clients the power to find pleasure in learning how to shop and put together outfits that suit the soul. For more information about how you too can be styled for your next professional, classy or casual event please contact myself, Geneah Berrian, at Let’s change the way you see yourself one word of encouragement and style tip at a time!

 -Geneah B


My pretty and petite client. Styled by -G



The best interviews are the ones where the conversations are easygoing, fluid and paired with a cup of vanilla chai chamomile tea prepared by yours truly Regina Moneypenny. “Make sure the people know I’m obsessed with tea”-says Regina as the Keurig percolates one of the most soothing and delightful beverages that I’ve only had the pleasure of indulging in a hundred times. Regina is my friend and a magical woman and it seems that no matter what she puts her hand to whether it’s tea, motherhood, business or photography she overachieves at it all! So, it was no shock that this conversation with a friend an intelligent business woman, it went off without a hitch and left me inspired as well!


Regina is a professional photographer, she specializes in Women’s portraiture but she is well skilled in the art of all areas of photography and takes lifestyle, bridal, family and maternity photos as well. Women’s portraiture is an area of interest for Regina because it gives her the opportunity to empower women by giving them the chance to see themselves as beautifully on the inside as Regina captures them on the outside. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Women’s Portraiture is, these modern-day glamour shots are photos taken with the intent of capturing women in the most regal, attractive and empowering of light -Woman’s portraiture is designed to pull out and capture the supermodel in you!


“A lot of my clients will come to me for a women’s portraiture session unsure in some degree of what they want to accomplish. Some women are shy, insecure and hiding their beautiful eyes behind their hair. Another trend I’ve noticed is that these women who are often uncertain of what they want to view in their photos -they are very vocal about what they don’t want to see in the images that I will capture of them during each photography session. It is very important for me to get into the minds of each of each of my clients. I must listen to what they are and are not saying as well because I want to reflect the heart of each woman I photograph in all of her images. My goal is to evoke an emotional response that moves my clients. I want them to see and feel the empowering essence that is captured in each of their photos.”


Regina whose work is largely centered around empowering women she references to an experience shared with a client that serves as an example of how encouraging women to feel beautiful inside and out through her photography -how it has impacted not only her clientele but herself as well. “A while back one of my clients sent me a text thanking me for what I had done for her during her woman’s portraiture shoot. I couldn’t have anticipated what she’d say but it gives me chills whenever I think about her words. My client shared that her entire experience during our shoot was amazing and after viewing her photos she expressed that there were only two other moment in her life where she felt that beautiful an empowered -her wedding day and after she gave birth to her child. Can you believe that? Think about how beautiful you feel on your wedding day and what’s more empowering than the feeling you experience after creating a life? I was so moved by her gratitude and it furthermore solidified for me that this is exactly why I do what I do as a photographer.”


Photography has played a huge role in Regina’s personal development. In addition to being inspired by her clients the business side of her work has taught her to prioritize embracing the value of self-worth and she shares how. “I love photography but as any work does it pulls me away from my family. The time I share with my family is priceless and the images I create through my photography and diligent and meticulous hours of editing it is a passion that still requires me to set aside time away from my two-year-old son. Two-year old’s don’t care about your plans, work, agenda or any time spent away from them when mom is who they want. What my son identifies with is the joy that he feels when we spend time together. Whether we are drawing with chalk in our driveway, picnicking at the park or traveling during family outings those memories that we share together are the ones that he identifies with the most because our time spent together makes him feel loved and brings him much joy. It’s my work as a photographer that has afforded me the resources and opportunities that allow me to continue creating timeless memories for my family.  So, when people ask me how I maintain balance as a business and family woman and how I price my work I tell them that I put my family first and I value my work in the same capacity that I value my time and self-worth. I don’t price my work basing it upon how other artists value and price their work. I price my work basing it upon how I value myself and all the hard work I put in it shines through my photography. People who respect that they commit to being a part of the magic, that everyone can experience when they are a part of a Regina Moneypenny photography shoot!


Towards the close of my interview with Regina I asked her if she had any advice to give, what would it be? She replied, “make a living doing what you are most passionate about. I was told my entire life that surviving as an artist is impractical. I was told that art is a hobby, a creative outlet and that I had no business pursing it as a career. I followed that advice initially, many of us do; but, I was blessed to have an opportunity to start over as well and when I did it catapulted me directly into the thick of making a living out of doing exactly what I love – creating art. My advice to you is that it’s never too late start over and if what you are doing now is not bringing you joy or affording you the chance to profit and shine by using your gifts than you are making a sacrifice that no amount of money can compensate for in exchange for your fulfillment. I create art and I am making a successful living doing so. I am happy. I am fulfilled, I have more time to invest in my family and I get to empower women to own their own confidence through my photography; Had I’d given up on myself and believed in the people who told me I could not achieve the life I’m living now, I would have resorted to carrying out an unfulfilled existence that many of my friends and family reinforced would make sense for me. Don’t sacrifice your dreams at the expense of following a life path that seems practical for you when it truly it is not. Find your happy, make money doing what makes you happy and follow your dreams!”


For more information about Regina Moneypenney Photography please check out her website.


                             Maria Doten (Left)


On April 7th, 2017 Maria Doten of Doten photography at Studio 102 hosted her first event at a soft opening of her new studio which is located at 102 E. 3rd street in downtown historic Yuma, Arizona. The Studio  has a classy, industrial and chic look as Maria described it. The open space with tall conventional ceilings and smoothed textured flooring with charcoal hues gives the venue it’s industrial vibe -while the Parisian themed decor which includes Versailles sofas, Victorian end tables and an ode to France with an elegant portrait of the Eiffel Tower, it gives the Doten studio a taste of Paris that you adore as soon as you step through the doors!



The “De-Stress and Refresh” event began promptly at 11:00 a.m. as a group of empowered, intelligent and busy women eager to learn how to unwind, when necessary, gobbled up each de-stress and refresh tip.  Over a spread that included tea, cucumber sandwiches, macaroons and a variety of delectable treats Maria introduced guest speaker Jennifer Nelson who is a consultant for the Rodan + Fields skin care line. Jennifer began a convo about the importance of taking care of your skin which propelled us into a talk about how something as simple as investing in and using excellent skin care products can improve the quality of life -by boosting your own confidence. As an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields Jennifer has seen many people’s lives impacted by this skin care line. Women have opted out of cosmetic surgeries after using the Rosen + Fields line and they have found the self assurance to step into the world with a confidence, solely endorsed by a song that only a fresh, clear and free face could tell. With items that consist of a wide range options from complexion smoothing to skin hydration products, Jennifer’s mission is to continue to empower the lives of individuals everywhere by providing them with the opportunity to compliment their individual self love journey by adding a skin care regiment to it that promotes confidence!

In addition to locking down an excellent skin care regiment that allows you to feel de-stressed and refreshed here are a few ideas from from a few ladies at Friday’s mixer who offered their
favorite tips on how to let go of the stress that is an unavoidable part of the human experience.


“It’s important to take care of yourself first. For instance, when your are on a plane and the flight attendant is presenting the emergency  evacuation procedures they always tell each passenger to place an oxygen mask on themselves first and to only assist others in need after they’ve taken care of themselves. One thing I like to do, to care for myself first and to de-stress, is hiking. I enjoy hiking at Wet West lands and when I don’t take the time to hike I feel like I’ve missed out on taking some very important time to do something special and even vital for myself.”
-Maria, Professional Photographer

“I’m a Publication Manager. Between that and caring for both of my elderly parents full time I don’t often seize the opportunity to unwind for myself. Nonetheless, I understand the importance of tending to the soul. If you don’t care for yourself, you cannot successfully care for anyone else. April has been about selflessly caregiving for the ones who need me the most -family. I’ve decided that May will be dedicated not only to my family but to self preservation as well. I’m going to begin de-stressing and taking full advantage of the community resources available to me by exploring with Yoga.”
-Shirley, Publications Manager

“What do I like to do to destress? I love to get away and window shop for hand bags.”
-Joy, Hospitality Industry


“One of the ways I destress is by serving others -being outside, volunteering and caring for the community these are examples of things I enjoy doing which also help me unwind!”
-Rachel, Education


“I work in the hospitality industry and as with any line of work in my profession you experience and come to expect the unexpected. To destress from the challenges of life, I cook! It is my passion and I find that as I am creating I am relaxed and present in an extraordinarily tranquil moment.”
-Gel, Hospitality Industry


“In order to destress, I write songs about love.”
-Geneah, Lifestyle Blogger


“I love to put together and host parties for my kids and their friends. My children’s happiness is my happiness and anything that makes them smile it de-stresses and brings me joy as well!”
-Beth, Healthcare Industry


I had an absolute blast interacting with an eclectic group of women from all different walks of life. We laughed, cried, even sang and had a conversation about taking care of the soul! This is what its all about folks! Until next time stay fabulous, encouraged and empowered.


 Above are a couple of the lovely ladies that I  had an opportunity to connect with at Friday’s Mixer: Jennifer (Left)/ Gel (center) / Myself -Geneah (Right)



Maria is a photographer who is passionate about her work and serving community with her gift for capturing the heart of beautiful images through her photography! For more information about scheduling a photography session with her today please Contact Maria Doten at:


Soul Matters


Don’t make me choose between you and my shoes because when it comes  down to that sole matter, I promise you my shoes will always win! I mean, but really what girl does not have some sick obsession with her shoes? This is one of the reasons why I was so homesick from Maryland in 2011 after my third military move to a smaller town with very limited shoe options for my size 11’s… Yes, I said it size 11’s. I was having such a hard time finding cute shoes and I added this con to a list of things that left me considering packing my bags and getting back to big city living where all the elements of the things that I loved from food, culture and most importantly shoes – they were never in shortage; but reality, as usual, swiftly kicked in as I got settled into the routine that came along with “military/mom/wife/work life” and as I explored my small town I realized the perks that came along in discovering that I could find cute and affordable shoes in my size at places like Ross, DSW, Marshalls, Beals, Target and Dillards. And the best thing about it was that I always found stylish options in these stores because my shoe size is uncommon where I live. So as a small part of the  size 11 and over population I am getting to these delicious shoes options first! So, now you know the secrets stored in the depths of my sole; but, gosh what type of human would I be if I didn’t share the type of information with you that makes you feel like there are wonderful resources available to you that always give you a little taste of home! Here are a few of my recent  finds,  all of which were purchased from Ross and Marshalls; and don’t forget to check out the SWAG Shop for a chance to purchase a few exclusive shoe items as well!


I love these Beverly Johnson Pumps with the furry embellishments. This style is very in right now! I paid 14.99 for these beaus!



Velvety, thick heels and this hue of blue are all winners and an excellent fashion forward trend of today that I could not turn down at only 35.99. Did I mention these are Steve Maddens? These were a Ross find as well!



Who could say no to the classic sandal heel at 19.99 with added padded in soles for comfort! What a Marvelous Marshalls find!



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