Street Style

We are always on the look out with a camera in hand to spotlight and expose the fabulous style of a fly fashionista to be featured as our street style pick of the week; So, whether you are rocking dangerous shades of red or playing it safe with soft textures and neutral shades of pink -be on the lookout for an opportunity to be photographed and featured as our street style star of the week.


What can I say? We know great style when we see it and @miryamrochin (IG handle) is most certainly shining as she effortlessly showcases her witty, chic and timeless style. @miryamrochin is the SWAG stylista of the week! Please check her out on IG and keep up with her classy, cute and lovely style.


Zayda is the SWAG street Stylista of the week! We are trying to keep up with all of the cuteness she’s bringing in pinstriped joggers and midnight stilletto! You nailed this look love! Keep up the great style love!


We love this casual/chic ensemble put together by Sonia who is our Street Style Fashionista of the week! Sonia is giving us all of the fashion feels as she rocks a very trendy, pin striped and off the shoulders blouse, a Steve Madden drawstring purse and Oxfords. Good job Sonia! You rocked all of this cuteness like a total boss!


Our Street Style pick of the week is Ashley. We simply adore her liberal use of florals paired with a combination of the dark, bold hues of blue that are found in her dress. The grey in both Ashley’s shoes and this lovely tote that I picked out for her at Walmart -they compliment her already adorable style by contributing a little extra spice to her soft and borderline edgy taste! We couldn’t resist featuring this lovely woman as our street style pick of the week! For more information about how you can be featured as our next style fashionista pick, simply wake up, step out fabulously and be on the look out for a SWAG Street Style rep -to discover you and ask you: “Are ready for your close up?”