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I see a reflection of myself in every person that I lock eyes with. Yesterday, I was parked in my car scrolling through my phone. I looked up and away from my device, noticing a stranger passing by. I looked away from the stranger after a half of a second because its rude to stare… Right? People deserve dignity they don’t deserve to be stripped of the self sustaining decency that they hold to survive. So, I waited for the stranger to pass by to assess what God had in mind for her life in the hopes that she would not take notice and feel judged as I stared into the window of her life; but, I did not know her plans aligned with mine; and no sooner than the moment she walked away, she turned to me as I lifted my head -at the exact time as I her eyes turned towards mine. So much for being covert I thought… It was too late to pretend that I was not assessing in wonder about her life. So, we exchanged a bizarre introductory glance and looked away. I wanted to know how she ended up here. She was homeless her pockets were bare, but her heart was filled and far from scarce. Of course we spoke for a fleeting moment… I talk to everyone. I offered a hello, she offered a smile and we laughed about the moment that felt organic and awkward. I walked away with a feeling that I needed to know her as it is she served as a reminder that we are all one. I have a friend who says: “it’s the circling of souls.” The stranger is someone that I knew in another life or perhaps my entire life and we had the pleasure of connecting. She and my location inspired these words:

I Am.

I Am Posted by a peace pipe

I Am sky high off of God Vibes

I Am a bonafide flow meter of love

I Am a conduit for the divine

I Am a vessel of infinite light

I Am two wholes in a wall

I Am everything and nothing at all.

I Am.



Shoes: Reebox


Sky #high off of God #vibes, you can’t touch my fly.

Blouse: Ross




Life is all about choices. You can choose to be stuck between two cacti and a hard place or you can show your circumstances that you were made to weather through it all!

Top/ ( Ross ) Belt -around neck (Goodwill)/ Jeans (Old Navy )/ Sandals (Ross) Purse (Goodwill -same camera bag featured in last apparel entry)

Photographer: Bryce Berrian

Today is as good as any to decide that you will treat yourself well. Today is as good as any to decide that you will treat yourself with respect. Today is as good as any to choose that you will love your body and nourish it with love. That suits your soul best.

Head Scarf (Walmart)/ Top/ ( Walmart ) Belt (Goodwill)/ Jeans (Old Navy )/ Snakeskin Gladiator Sandals (DSW) Purse (Goodwill- I’m pretty sure it was a camera bag in its past life…)

Photographer: Bryce Berrian


I always feel like there is this strange intermission between winter and spring weather. It leaves you feeling like you need to ask permission to step into something a little more relevant. This is where earth tones and citrus shades tango for the privilege to die and the permission to emerge. My outfit represents how I feel -clever, floral, earthy and bright.


Head Scarf (Walmart)/ Top/ ( H&M) Belt (Goodwill)/ Jeans (Old Navy )/ Wedges (DSW) Purse (Says Luis Vuitton, but who knows -Gift from a sketchy EX that never had a job but always had money)

I don’t always feel amazing. Some days I’m just looking for a quiet place, an empty space and a warm embrace;
however, today was not one of those days where I found myself searching outside for everything that exists within. Today was a good day!



 BLouse: Ross/ Jeans: Old Navy / Drawstring Purse: Steve Madden/ Flats: Kenneth Cole


 You can be whomever you want to be!



This Morning I seen a Hummingbird dancing with the breeze

She was waiting for an opportunity to slip between cracked wind

She was thirsty and enchanting Hovering in awe,

Hopeful to quench her own thirst with another mans dream.


Shades: Code ( local boutique  ) /Blouse: Ross/ Clutch: ipsy/ Pants: Kohls

DSC_0264 (1)Photographer: Kristen Kahne






She is cold, bold and viscous with a frigid blow
Yet scorching as she wombs the aura of the sun
She stays with you, even in the equinox
When you know her, you will never be the same
Resurrected, these old bones will fold into a deck of dust
In remembrance of jaded shades she will woo you to trust
She will fool you into loving the progression of red.
And in that moment desperation will grow into submission
And love will grow from the very thing which made you afraid…

DSC_0107 (1)Shades: Code ( local boutique  ) /Blouse: Fallas (local clothing store)/ Clutch: ipsy/ Skirt: Burlington/ Sandals: Ross

DSC_0101 (1)Photographer: Kristen Kahne






Confidence isn’t rigid there are no specific prerequisites that make you any more or less deserving of  it

It is not some strange privilege set aside solely for Vashti’s, Esther’s super models and Kim Kardashians

Confidence is how we connect with the broken souls who feel diminished woeful and disconnected

It is how she dries tears by lifting her peers in finding the beauty that exist behind scars blended and settled in

Confidence means that she declines to laugh at another’s women’s pain while instead offering her compassion

Confidence is a confession upon the reflection of every common thread which mends the distance between insecurity and strength

Confidence is her God given right to embrace the skin She’s  in while laughing in the face of ignorance

An ignorance that requires her to tone it down and love herself less simply because the world isn’t ready for it

With her head held high her soul glows with the understanding that confidence stems from within

And she will continue to stride in her God given quest to be the courier of confidence to those lacking it from within


Shades: Senny’s Selexcion ( local boutique  ) / Mens Shirt: l.e.i. (Marshalls) / High wasted trousers: Marshalls/ Wedges: NINE WEST (DSW)


Photographer: Kristen Kahne



If you can embrace the very thing that they despise about you,
Your beauty that “they” choose to neglect
And your blinding aura that they choose to deflect
Then oh my dear you have mastered the art of impact without even trying to impress.


Blouse: Burlington/ Skirt:Burlington/shoes: Marshall’s image

Photographer: Kristen Kahne



What you stumbled upon was rare -A gem in a sea of pearls

And you craved her because she is a magical girl

But you took her for granted and now she is unfurled

Gone and hidden masterfully amongst the treasures of this world


Blouse: DD’s/ Necklace: Coco Fashion Studio/ Pants: A boutique in NorthCarolina whose name escapes me/ Sandals: Ross -cool tidbit these shoes were 3.99

DSCF3906 - Copy

Photographer: Bryce Berrian



For 5 seconds I lost my mind
Convinced myself he was worth the lies
Then I remembered how bomb my bonita apple pie is fly
And just like that I dried my eyes and let him kiss my ass goodbye


 Photographer: Jacob Lopez


Shades: Ross/ Shirt: Ross / Skirt: Kohls Purse: Marshalls/ Pumps: DSW (brand: Guess)

photo 3

Often we feel alone in a world consumed by grace
But if we let peace carry our pain away
Like the Weeping Willow, it will waft into a vacant space
And in time we’ll forget why hurt crept into a place it never belonged.

photo 1

Photographer: Bryce Berrian

photo 2

Shades: Senny’s Selexcion ( local boutique )/ Blouse: Ross/ Clutch: DSW/ Jeans: Forever 21/ Shoes: Nine West





Photographer: Sarah Reese



Shades: Senny’s Selexcion ( local boutique )/ Blouse: Express/ Belt: Kenneth Cole/ Jeans: Charlotte Russe /Shoes: NINE WEST /Purse: Steve Madden



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